The membership is open to children from 5 years old to seniors…. and is based on different categories. You have your membership fee, and also the contribution of the club lessons.

Membership TEDA VZW.     €10 (-18 years), €20 (+18 years).

Everyone can become a member of TEDA VZW. TEDA’s members are automatically affiliated to Danssport Vlaanderen  and receive a periodic magazine (Just 4 You-18, Swing + 18) and benefit from an insurance as wel.

* A dance year or a dance season starts in Septembre 2023 and ends in august 2024.

Place : Sporthal Bosveld (Polyvalente zaal) – Heirbaan 10, 1830 Machelen

Sporthal Bosveld, Heirbaan 10, 1830 Machelen
TEDA Kids/Adults @ Sporthal Bosveld (Polyvalente zaal), Heirbaan 10, 1830 Machelen